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Greg Hoiem
Greg Hoiem

I was born in Ishpeming, MI, in the U.P., and spent most of my life living & hunting there. I'm married to Dawn Garner, who is Mapping & Media Services Manager for MDOT. We have two sons, Josh & Jordan, who have attended every monthly meeting for the past couple years and are very enthusiastic regarding SCI and hunting. I spent 33 years working for Cliffs Natural Resources - CCI, retiring as Plant Operator. We moved to West Michigan after my retirement due to a promotion for my wife at MDOT. I've hunted and fished all my life, and am happy to say my sons have developed the same strong interests in hunting, fishing, and shooting. We kept our family hunting camp in the U.P. and spend as much time there as possible. The isolated wildness there is invigorating and rejuvenating, despite the mosquitos and wolves!

I have hunted in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Hawaii, and Ontario so far, with Africa & Alaska at the top of the bucket list. That bucket list includes cape buffalo, kudu and gemsbok with a handgun! My favorite game animals are whitetail deer and ruffed grouse, but I also love hunting predators, bear, and rabbits, with any legal weapon, although I prefer hunting with a handgun.

I feel strongly that the future of hunting rests with the youth of today, and we need to do everything we can to interest, recruit and retain young hunters. With all the electronic devices, social media, and school activities young people have available today, we have a serious challenge to get, and keep, them interested in hunting. The future of hunting absolutely depends on them!

We also need to get more members involved in our local SCI activities. The more involved you are, the more you can help shape the future of hunting and this organization. Bring your friends and/or family members to the meetings, and especially, bring your kids or grandkids. Any ideas members have for promoting or improving our organization, and anything you can do to help support this fine group, let the board know - we're here for you, and your help will be greatly appreciated.

Happy and safe hunting!

Member Night at the West Michigan Whitecaps

 Fifth Third Ballpark

When: August 22, 2018
Game Time: 7:05 pm
Where: 5th/3rd Ballpark- Bowtie Deck
Watch for ticket info for this fun, family event coming in June, 2018

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