Event Cancellation...From the Michigan Chapter of Safari Club International

Please be advised that due to our united efforts to control and defeat the COVID-19 Virus. the April 9, 2020 Monthly Member dinner
held at the Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville, Michigan IS CANCELED.

We will keep you informed of any new developments. Thank you for your support of the Michigan Safari Club and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

General Donations - Fiscal Year 2019 Amount
Outdoor Discovery Center 3500
Youth Skeet/Trap Shooting Team, Orange Crushers 1500
Ivan Carter’s Raindrop Initiative 1800
Boy Scouts Archery Pavilion 5000
SCI Hunter Advocacy Fund 1000
Stewards of Wildlife 6000
Camp Iron Sights 6000
Michigan Out-of-Doors TV sponsorship 5000
Lake Michigan Fishing Trips for Disabled Kids 6000
Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance’s “Tractor and Lion” Project 25,000
Croton Sportsmen’s Club 4,000
Norton Shores Hunter’s Safety 2,725
Ruby Creek for Disable Veteran Hunts 2,500
North Park Montessori to for National Archery In Schools Program (“NASP”) 2,364
Purchase supplies for new Zambia school for which Chapter Member is sponsoring construction. 2,000
10 Scholarships for Jada Johnson’s Camp for Girls 2,500
Michigan Involvement Committee 2,500
American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) for a van 5,000
Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2019 84,389

Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2018 were $38,800

The Michigan Chapter of SCI - It’s What We Do

Conservation/Public Service

  • Partnered with MIC and the DNR to fund reintroduction of the Pine Martin in MI (2004-2006)
  • Purchased kayaks to help meet the need of the DNR officers in the field (2005)
  • Partnered with MIC and the DNR to fund Predator/Prey studies in MI (2007-2010)
  • Purchased a dart gun for the DNR Wildlife Division for use on “problem” animals (2007)
  • Awarded the prestigious “Partner in Conservation Award” by the Michigan Natural Resources Commission (2007)
  • Purchased 4 radios for the MDNR to be used by officers in the field (2008)
  • Purchased an additional kayak for a new DNR officer (2008)
  • Purchased a shooting device for handicapped hunters (2009)
  • Partnered with MIC/DNR funding Predator/Prey studies (2012)

Protection of Hunting Rights

  • Assisted in the passage of the Michigan Hunter Protection law
  • Contributor in the unsuccessful fight to protect dove hunting in Michigan (2006)
  • Contributor in the successful fight to defeat anti-hunting ballot initiative in Alaska (2008)
  • Contributor to the Montana ballot initiative in the fight against eliminating all guide sponsored big game tags and raising the license fees for non-residents (2010)
  • Assist SCI and pro-hunting organizations worldwide in preventing anti-hunting legislation
  • Donated $1000 to the hunter defense fund (2013)


  • Sponsor a handicap youth hunter (yearly)
  • Sponsor “Wounded Veteran" hunters (every year we can make a contact)
  • Started a chapter “Blue Bag” outreach program for traveling hunters (2006 – present)
  • Contribute cash and food for the SCI “Sportsmen Against Hunger” program (yearly)
  • Paid $600 to provide 60 backpacks for an orphanage in Kenya (2007)
  • Provided 100 mosquito nets, which has saved the lives of thousands of children, at $5.07/each to be sent to Zambia
    (2008 - 2009)
  • Supported the mosquito net program in Africa with a donation of $750 (2010)
  • Provided $500 for mosquito nets (2012)
  • Sponsored Missouri whitetail hunt for 3 Michigan Purple Heart veterans (2013)
  • Donated $6500 for hunts for veterans and the disabled at Legends Ranch and Ruby Creek (2013)


  • Donated $600 to provide “Safari In A Box” for Michigan State Parks educational program
  • Provides 3 “Safari In A Box” to loan to area schools.
  • Donated $1,500 for the Wounded Warrier Project (2012)
  • Paid $10,000 to sponsor “I is For Ivory,” a permanent exhibit at the Grand Rapids Museum
  • Send Michigan teachers to the American Wilderness Leadership School in Wyoming (yearly)
  • Provide scholarships for Michigan undergraduate and graduate students (yearly)
  • Pay to place the MUCC magazine Tracks in primary schools in West Michigan (yearly)
  • Provide a Sensory Safari trailer for blind and handicap children, veteran and school groups
  • Donated to SCI Sable’s Education programs (2007-2010)
  • Co-sponsored an education seminar given by Mark Duda with the other MI Chapters (2009)
  • Donated a Safari-In-Box kit to the Michigan DNR to use in their educational trailers and in the trapper education courses (2009) - Value $800
  • Donated $500 to the DNR scholarship program (2010-2012)
  • Donated $6700 to the AWLS program (2012-2013)
  • Donated $5000 to the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland MI
  • Sensory Trailer logged 940 miles for 7,105 visitors (2013)
  • Donated $1000 to SCI’s International Wildlife Museum (2013)


General Donations - Fiscal Year 2018 Amount
CHD Symposium in Lansing 1000
Sponsor dinner for Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus in Traverse City 2500
Michigan Involvement Committee 2500
Stewards of Wildlife 4000
Hurricane Harvey relief 1000
Michigan Out of Doors TV 4000
Outdoor Discovery Center 2500
Congressional Sportsmen’s Breakfast 500
Camp Iron Sights 5000
10 Camperships for Jada Johnson's Girls' Camp 2500
Fishing trip for 24 diabled/disadvantaged youths 3000
Handicap Accessible Restroom - Croton Sportsmen for Youth 2300
Boy Scouts’ Archery Pavilion 5000
“Pursuing a Dream” shooting event for 30 disabled kids 3000
Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2018 38,800

General Donations - Fiscal Year 2017 Amount
Disabled Youth and Veteran's Hunts 7000
Croton Sportsmen For Youth (products for outdoor education) 550
Kent City Schools National Archery in Schools Program 695
Outdoor Discovery Center 2500
Flat River Gun Club 700
Police Officer Appreciation Night 1200
Forest Hills School Archery Program 2600
Camp Ironsights 5000
Norton Shores Police Department Hunter’s Safety Class
(2 new 11-87 20 gauge youth)
Steward's of Wildlife Preserve 3500
Boy Scouts Annual Sporting Clays Fundraiser 2000
10 Boy Scout “Camperships” 3450
6 Lake Michigan Charter Fishing trips for disabled youth/vets
and disadvantaged youth
Protecting Right to Hunt British Columbia Grizzly Bears 5000
Croton Sportsman For Youth and Disabled Veterans “Wish List” (Equipment) 2000
3 benches on the Fredrick Meijer Trail 3000
Michigan Involvement Committee Grad Grant 500
Submersible pump and solar panel for water well in Botswana 2000
Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2017 47,765

General Donations - 2016
Outdoor Discovery Center (Archery Range Equipment) 500
MSU Fisheries and Wildlife Grad Student Symposium 500
DNR’s Outdoor Adventure Center 500
Disabled and Wounded Vet Hunts 4500
West Michigan Archery Center 2500
AWLS 8000
Wild Hog Research 2000
Michigan Involvement Committee 2750
Support Texas' Wildlife Constitutional Amendment 500
Annual Sponsorship of Michigan Outdoor TV 3093
Outdoor Discovery Center 2500
Camp Iron Sights; helping disadvantaged youth 2500
Sponsor for Boy Scouts Sporting Clays Shoot 2000
SCI Government Affairs Committee 1000
Sponsor Hunter’s Safety Class at KCCL 500
Sponsor MUCC Hunter’s Camp for 5 disadvantaged West Michigan youth 1900
Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2016 48,336

General Donations - 2015
Zulu Nyala, Rhino Conservation 5,000
Outdoor Discovery Center 5,000
Disabled and Wounded Veteran Hunts 3,500
AWLS - Camp Improvements 3,000
Michigan Involvement Committee 2,750
SCI Museum: Exhibit Repairs 1,500
Boy Scouts 30 Day Camp Scholarships 1,500
Sportsman's Outreach 500
Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2015 26,250

General Donations - 2014
SCI Wildlife Museum, Educational Needs and Displays 1,000
Outdoor Discovery Center, Children Enhancement 2,500
AWLS School Project 2,700
MUCC 250
MUCC, Tracks Magazine 3,311
Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management 10,000
Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management 16,000
Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management 23,000
Michigan Involvement Committee  
(including Grad Grant of $500 and General Purpose) 2,750
Handicap/Veterans Hunts 12,632
Totals for Fiscal year ended  June 30, 2014 99,907


General Donations - 2013
SCI Foundation, Lion Defense Fund 2,000
Blue Bag 75
Ron Johnson, Handicap Hunts 500
Michigan Involvement Committee 2,750
SCI Lansing Chapter 1,000
Hunter Defense Fund 1,000
American Wildlife Leadership School 3,000
Legends Ranch, Handicap Hunters 2,000
Joe Keillor, Handicap Hunters 198
MUCC, Tracks Magazine 2,805
Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2013 15,328


General Donations - 2012
ELK 100
Mozzie Nets 500
MCOA College Scholarship 500
Predator/Prey Program 2,000
Michigan Involvement Committee, Graduate Grant 500
Outdoor Discovery Center 1,500
Blue Bags 75
Education Books 343
American Wildlife Leadership School 4,100
Handicap Hunter 1,500
MUCC, 75th Anniversary 100
Vern Edwaards, Handicap Hunters 411
MUCC, Tracks Magazine 2,805
Michigan Involvement Committee 100
Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2012 14,534

General Donations - 2011
DNR Radio Project 3,190
Predator/Prey Program 4,000
Michigan Involvement Committee, Graduate Grant 1,000
Michigan Involvement Committee, Admin Costs 100
SCI 500
MUCC 250
American Wildlife Leadership School 6,900
Handicap/Veterans Hunts 2,500
 MUCC,Tracks Magazine 6,135
 Michigan Involvement Committee 100
 Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2011 24,675


General Donations - 2010
High Places Inc., mosquito netting 500
Michigan Conservation Club Scholarship 500
SCI Veterans Committee 370
United Deer Farmers 250
High Places Inc., mosquito netting 750
AWLS School Project 9,700
Handicap Hunter 3,748
State Of Michigan 250
MUCC, Tracks Magazine 5,235
Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2010 21,303


General Donations - 2009
Michigan Involvement Committee, Predator/Prey Program 4,000
Michigan Involvement Committee, Grad Grant 1,000
AWLS School Project 7,800
Handicap/Veterans Hunts 2,000
MUCC, Tracks Magazine 6,657
Powers Outdoors , DNR Kayak 450
SCI , Alaska Initiative 500
United Special Sportsmen Alliance, Transportation Fee for Ill Boy's Bear Hunt 300
MUCC, Scholarship 500
Laser Shot Inc, Repair Laser Shot Equipment 1,330
Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2009 24,537


General Donations - 2008
DNR Radio Project 3,945
AWLS School Project 7,000
Handicap Hunter 1,000
MUCC, Tracks Magazine 4,610
Ronald McDonald House 40
Ada Bible Church, Mully Children 600
High Places, Mosquito Netting 502
Sables, Purchase of 2 "Safaris in a Box" 1,489
Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2008 $19,185



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