SCI Humanitarian Project

The Humanitarian Committee has always done an outstanding job of
providing memorable hunting experiences to challenged individuals. Those participating include veteran home patrons, wounded veterans, as well as a good number of youth with multiple health and life conflicts.

Our efforts have been so well received by our membership that donations
have risen each and every year. This generosity has allowed us to expand our efforts into more activities that serve even more people.

Charter fishing trips have allowed us to introduce many challenged youth to the out doors who would never have had the opportunity otherwise. For many, if not most, the large salmon or lake trout they catch may not only be the biggest fish they ever caught but also the biggest they may ever catch. These fishing trips have become a favorite topic of host Jimmy Gretzinger for his Michigan Out of Doors television program.

We have fifteen trips scheduled for 2019
and over half have now been completed as of July. We will have sponsored between 60 and 90 people once they all have been completed. Below are a few of the pictures of the youth, the fish, the fishing and the shore lunches we hosted this year.

SCI Humanitarian Project


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