Conservation/Public Service
  • Partnered with MIC and the DNR to fund reintroduction of the Pine Martin in MI (2004-2006)
  • Purchased kayaks to help meet the need of the DNR officers in the field (2005)
  • Partnered with MIC and the DNR to fund Predator/Prey studies in MI (2007-2010)
  • Purchased a dart gun for the DNR Wildlife Division for use on “problem” animals (2007)
  • Awarded the prestigious “Partner in Conservation Award” by the Michigan Natural Resources Commission (2007)
  • Purchased 4 radios for the MDNR to be used by officers in the field (2008)
  • Purchased an additional kayak for a new DNR officer (2008)
  • Purchased a shooting device for handicapped hunters (2009)
  • Partnered with MIC/DNR funding Predator/Prey studies (2012)

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