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Learn more about our humanitarian efforts - made possible by generous donations. Reach out to Denny [ HERE ]

Here is a little insight into Steven:
My name is Steven, I am 15 years old, I have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I know that when people think of arthritis they think it is just something you get when you get older. I am just one of the many faces of JRA, this disease doesn't discriminate. I will tell you about this past year because it has been especially hard. I have been flaring in one joint or another for the past two years. I spent most of last summer, as well as this one inside. I started a new medication and had joint injections (6 joints) in August 2014 and it helped some. I started High School, I knew the walking and stairs would be rough, but I was excited.

I got the Flu Shot on October 20th, that is when my life got turned upside down. Imagine going from being perfectly able to do something one day, not pain free but able, to waking up the next morning and every joint in your body inflamed, hurting, not being able to sit and hardly able to walk. That is what happened to me, the flu shot sent me in to a full body flare. I am doing on line school because I am unable to attend regular school. Doing on line school, I do not get to interact with my friends. I have missed every High School event, this is not how I thought my Freshman year would go.

You would think with all of the medicine I'm on I would be improving, but this disease isn't that simple. I am still in a ton of pain, I can barely walk, when I do walk it isn't more than 2 or 3 steps at a time with help/support. I get funny looks from people when I use a wheel chair or walk because they don't understand. As of today August 22, 2015 I am on 8 different medications as well as I get Remicaide infusions every two weeks.

I will not make it back to school this fall because so far no amount of medication had helped me.

How is that for a bio?? Steven Robbins was able to attend this annual youth hunt put on by the 2 Hats Ranch which is owned & operated by Glenna, Skipper, and Colby Bettis. Steven harvested a great buck, and also a very nice doe. His family will receive all the meat, and Nabers Taxidermy is donating a shoulder mount of Steven’s buck so he will have that trophy of a lifetime, forever.

This experience was made possible for Steven thru generous donations of many, including the membership of “The Michigan Chapter of SCI”  and it’s humanitarian services.
Hunters, once again caring enough to really make the difference.

Dennis (Denny) Sprick
Humanitarian Services Chairman
Michigan Chapter of SCI
First for Hunters

Sept. Membership Meeting


Carson Nyenhais
& Kim Monk

"The Hunt to Heal Story"

It is very important that we give
The Pinnacle Center an accurate attendance so that we have enough food & table settings!
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Friday, Sept. 2nd

SCI Golf Classic

 Stonegate Golf Club

Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022

 Golf with a Safari Club Twist
Benefiting the programs
our Chapter supports

Format: 4 person Scramble

Includes: 18 holes of golf & cart | Lunch

Prizes: include guns, camping gear, fishing gear, golf gear, and much more!

Contact Joe if you would like to volunteer at 616-262-1468 or email:

The After Party with food, beverages & music will be at Joe & Debbie Pedersen’s House



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