Dennis Sprick

City of Residence: Lowell

Spouse/Children: Michelle Ghareeb

Employment: Bright Technologies, Div. of Sebright Products

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, traveling

Member Since: 2010

Board Positions(s):
Human Services Chair

Introduced: At 10 years old, I started pheasant hunting with my late father.

Continent(s) Hunted: North America, Africa and New Zealand

Favorite Trophy: My Caribou. That was the first major hunt out of Michigan with a dear friend many, many years ago which started my hunting adventures.

Memorable Hunt: Hunting for mountain Tahr in the South Alps of New Zealand. That included my wife's first night in a tent, and being brought up the mountain by helicopter!

Favorite Species to Hunt: Eland

Want to Hunt: Cape Buffalo

Advice: Patience is a virtue!!

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