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Dan Olson USA Alaska Kodiak Island (Zachar Bay) 11/29/2015 12/5/2015 International Adventures PO Box 1157, Gunnison, CO 81230 Justin Grosse Mike Grosse $2,500 Remington 700, 300 Win Mag 100-500 yds Leupold VXIII, 4-14 Blacktail Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Surprisingly nice weather for Kodiak. We only had wind/rain for 2 days. Rest of the time was bright, blue skies, with high temps in the 30s. 45-minutes floatplane ride, and then steel skiff each day to/from hunting spots (about a 20-35 minute ride each day). None This hunt was everything that I imagined and more. It ranks right up there with my top hunts. This is my third hunt with the Grosse's and they do an outstanding job! There is no place like Kodiak, especially when the weather is nice. We saw all kinds of wildlife, including whales, otters, seals, sea lions, eagles, fox, etc. (no bears but lots of bear sign). The food was outstanding and some of the best camp food that I have ever had. /home/scim/public_html/components/com_rsform/uploads/569d3fc5464d1-283.JPG

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